We are leading manufacturers of PVC foams and synthetic leather products supplying into a global customer base. The Company is a privately owned organization being part in the past of Cioli Group, a group of associated companies owned by the Cioli family.

Our manufacturing plant is ideally located in the Industrial heartland of northern Italy giving us access to all major transport links. Through reputation and continued investments in both people and machinery Copes Coat has developed into one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of expanded PVC foams and synthetic leathers supplying in a wide range of industries including Automotive , HVAC , construction , conveyor belt , heatings , furnitures , glazing , cushioning , protection , leather goods , shoes , boots , sports and recreation and more.

Products are manufactured in roll format in widths to suit customer’s requirements , a comprehensive range of colors and patterns are available .

Copescoat’s versatility and dedication to continuous improvement has enabled us to build strong partnerships Internationally with leading manufacturing and conversion organizations and by working closely with our customers , we have built up the ability to find the right technical solutions to customers requirements.


Why choosing us?

Copes Coat was founded more than 25 ago and is now specializes in the development , production and distribution of Pvc foam and Synthetic leather in rolls format . The focus on the needs of our customers and on the quality of our products make Copes Coat one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of expanded Pvc foam and synthetic leathers. The company complies with all national environmental protection standards & regulations as well as the Reach of the EU.

Copes Coat’s versatility in the plastic market business has enabled us to build strong partnerships internationally both with leading plastic converters and traditional Synthetic leather end users.

Reliability and high quality standards of our devices achieved by continuous investment in both people and machinery. Also flexibility and fast feedback to our customers .

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