Welcome to COPES COAT. From here take place the most developed and different solutions on pvc coated fabrics.
COPES COAT was born at the end of eighties and offers a wide experience in the resins market both in Italy and abroad.
Our products are used for different applications such as:
shoe trade (uppers-insoles-reinforced materials-labels-belts etc.);
- saddles for bicycles;
- upholstery for office chairs and furnishing;
- PVC films to be laminated on real leather;
- transformation of pvc expanded materials for acoustic isolation, gaskets for motortrade market and industrial purposes.

We are a modern organized company with a flexible structure that can develop new products with different possibilities. All this is supported by qualified technicians that using specialized equipements of our research and development office can satisfy every single need.
COPES COAT offers you more than ten years experience in the pvc foam sector and coated fabrics both for sport shoes and others. Beside we give a wide range of creative possibilities for your individual needs.
It is formed by highly experienced and skilled team that can offer a wide experience for different applications both for pvc foam and pvc/pu leather.
High quality levels of Copes Coat products are granted by a daily use of special control and measure equipments.